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Market Opportunity

Why do we choose Eupple?

Eupple is a great working company where people can fulfill their potential and feel hope

If you want to become part of one of the finest solutions-based, customer-focused lighting companies in China ,Eupple may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. We’re a rapidly growing, financially strong company with the people, commitment, and resources to continually increase customer satisfaction in every way.

For almost 10 years, Eupple has grown up great unit which integrate R&D., production, sales and after service.We congregate a group of high-quality, skillful, dedicated senior engineers and technicians, a large group of diligent, excellent, cooperative workers, who maintain the highest levels of personal and professional integrity, whether working with other team members or customers, and who understand that total customer satisfaction has always been and will always be the key to Eupple success.
Eupple different brand

Eupple develops its own products utilizing software for fixture and optical system design and is able to create photometric simulations for design feedback and optimum lighting performance. Eupple have many different band for meeting the market requirement ,such as .Eup,Eupple,Ep,and so on,and these different brand belongs to Eupple different production factory .therefore ,Eupple have obtained many advantages comparing general factory or foreign trade company ,which is a combination of these two edges .

Eupple management
Our production factory is not located together with our marketing team ,our marketing team has covered each cross in these world ,they just exist in the form of office. each Eupple marketing worker obtain customer’s order ,they will transfer to the corresponding production factory .like the mode of the picture.
Eupple mission
Throughout Eupple history, Eupple mission has been to provide durable, sustainable lighting and solve complex and difficult lighting problems for Eupple customers. It has achieved its leadership position by conducting business with honesty, integrity, and fairness, while respecting and satisfying the interests and needs of its esteemed customers and associates.
Eupple profile
 Business scope
  Mainly divided into commercial lighting part and decoration lighting part


Eupple Marketing plan

  1,Eupple holdings

2,Eupple target sales
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